Walk Oregon Challenge

2018 Walk Oregon Challenge


  • Alphabet-based
  • Add some excitement to your adventures
  • Earn colorful embroidered patches


The OTSVA Walk Oregon Challenge Alphabet-based challenges are a fun way to track your walking adventures. Your reward is a colorful embroidered 4” square patch with a depiction of each challenge category. Plan your adventures to find the NW Region walks that will meet the challenge categories for each Letter Challenge. You can make it a group activity, helping each other find and walk the events together. Click the pdf link that includes a spreadsheet of all the Oregon Year-Round Events and the challenges they contain.

The Letter Challenge books are $8 and are sold for a period of three years with a fourth year to complete the book. The number of books and patches are limited as there are no reorders. Each Challenge book contains four categories requiring seven IVV stamps.

An event stamp may be used one per year for a Letter challenge category. For that same Letter challenge, the same stamp can be used at a separate event in a different category. The same stamp can be used in the same category in a different year. The same event can count toward multiple Letter challenges. You must register walk each event for IVV Credit.

For more information about the Walk Oregon Challenge, contact:

Martha Korff
74890 Palm Creek Rd.
Clatskanie, OR 97016

Dan Webster