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Walk Oregon Challenge

The Oregon Trail State Volkssport Association (OTSVA) invites you to participate in its
Walk Oregon Challenge

OTSVA (The Oregon Trails State Volkssport Association) is offering an opportunity to receive colorful embroidered patches for walking volkssport events in a variety of different categories. The patches are earned by first buying a book or books in the category or categories represented by the patches below (see instructions for purchase at the bottom of the page), walking and paying for one of the Oregon volkssport events qualifying for that category, then placing a stamp for each qualifying category in the corresponding book. The number of walks required for each book may vary but all require at least ten walks. The books are usually $10 or less. You may choose whichever patch you want to walk for or we hope you will try them all.

The Walk Oregon Challenge Program (WOC) began in January 2001 and will continue for the foreseeable future. Some of these challenges may be completed in a few months; some may take several years. There are no set completion dates, however a set number of patches are ordered and when they are gone, that category is closed. We do not reorder patches. .

Who may participate:
Any walker may participate whether Oregon resident or not, credit or non-credit, member or non-member and to everyone regardless of age. You must register at all the volkswalks you do so that sponsor clubs can verify your participation. All events must start and end in Oregon, and only the events that you actually walk will qualify in this program.

Any event may be counted toward a patch category only ONCE PER YEAR. An event may be counted for the same patch or a different patch in different years; the event may be counted only once per year for the same category. This rule applies solely to qualifying for the Walk Oregon Challenge Program. Click here for list of Oregon Year-Round Events and their challenge qualifications as of the date printed:
Printable list .pdf Updated 1-20-14

Please note that it is the walker's responsibility to pay attention on a walk to find and record the needed challenges. Routes may change without notice and may no longer pass by the desired challenges. Please show kindness and consideration towards the club points of contact and trail-masters. Their job is to provide a safe and pleasant trail for all, not to fulfill Challenge goals. There are no paid workers here, only volunteers, trying to make sure the walk is a pleasant experience and to get us “out and walking.”

We only sell books for the number of patches we have. So if you still have a book please complete the requirements in a timely fashion and mail the completed book in to receive your patch because when the patches are gone the category is over. You will receive your well-earned patch in the mail. 

All of the patches below are still available except for the State (County patch). No more Oregon State Counties books are being sold, but if you have already purchased an Oregon State Counties book you can continue to fill the book and send it in when completed to get the patch.

To get started, contact Martha Korff at a local Volkssporting event or phone her: 503-728-0400
You may also write:
Martha Korff, 74890 Palm Creek Rd, Clatskanie, OR 97016 

Oregon Challenges
Oregon challenges have their own logbooks and are $8 for the square of four patches.  You must pay the club for volkssport credit for each event you stamp in the logbook. (The years listed below refer to the start of that challenge.)

2007: Four F's
Festivals, Fire houses, Flowers, & Forests

2008: Four W's
Water Towers, Watering Holes, Water Treatment Plants & Waterways

2009: Four A's
Arches, Antique Shops, Arenas, & Auditoriums

2009:  Four L's
Libraries, Lakes, Lanes (bowling) & Landmarks

2010:  K - Klubs
One regular event and one self-guided YRE walk from each club

2011:  Four M's
Museums, Monuments, Mountains, and Murals

2012: Four C's
City Halls, Candy Shops, Chinese Food, Coast Walks

2013: Four B's
Banks, Bicycle Shops, Barber Shops, Bed and Breakfasts

2014: Four D's
Depots, Delis, Docks, Dog-Related

2012: Worldwide Coastal Walks
Walk any Coast of any body of water in the world

To get started or for questions or details for any of these books, contact Martha Korff at a local Volkssporting event or phone her: 503-728-0400
You may also write:
Martha Korff, 74890 Palm Creek Rd, Clatskanie, OR 97016 

That's all there is to it! Get out and Walk Oregon. Have fun and enjoy our state.

Start earning your patches now!


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Last Updated: 1-20-14

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